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The MinKey Fic Poll has CLOSED! View the results below!

Ok, guise, my minkey fic poll is now closed. I had a sudden burst of inspiration last night and have already planned a plot for and started writing on the winner. It seems like it might be a longer fic, so it might take me some time to finish it (and now we’re talking MONTHS, just to be clear, because I still have that other stuff to do and I won’t publish a thing until it’s finished - except maybe some teasers.)


For all you that are interested, these are the final results, including the votes I got in asks over tumblr:

1st place and WINNER:

- Age Gap Fic, with 30 votes.

Submitted by: anonymous

(Congrats anon! Let me know your name/alias if you want a dedication in the finished fic!)

2nd place:

- Pirate Meets Mermaid AU, with 22 votes.

Submitted by: completethingie

3rd place:

- Teacher!Minho & Student!Gwiboon, with 13 votes.

Submitted by: neezoy

4th place:

- A Decadent Affair AU, with 11 votes.

Submitted by: i_kaede

5th place:

- Steampunk!AU, with 9 votes.

Submitted by: anonymous

6th place (shared):

- Early Days Band!Fic, with 8 votes

Submitted by: anonymous

- Firefighter!Minho AU, with 8 votes.

Submitted by: fonulyn

7th place:

- Saesang Trouble (Band!Fic), with 7 votes.

Submitted by: neezoy

8th place (shared):

- Elderly Couple!MinKey, with 6 votes.

Submitted by: anonymous

- Incubus!Minho AU, with 6 votes.

Submitted by: katuize

- Runaway!AU, with 6 votes.

Submitted by: completethingie

9th place (shared):

- Cook!Minho AU, all with 5 votes.

Submitted by: koukaiaru

- NY Painter AU, with 5 votes.

Submitted by: rabinatchas

- Second Glance AU, with 5 votes.

Submitted by: nickymin

10th place:

- Rival Cops AU, with 4 votes.

Submitted by: katuize

11th place:

- Bodyswitch Band!Fic, with 3 votes.

Submitted by: anonymous

12th place (shared):

- Cyberpunk Love Triangle, with 1 vote.

Submitted by: derponew

- Fashion!Verse, with 1 vote.

Submitted by: rabinatchas

- Ghost!Minho AU, with 1 vote.

Submitted by: baozixo

- Sorcerer!Key AU, with 1 vote.

Submitted by: keygasmic


Of a total of 155 votes.


I can’t believe I got over 150 votes in this poll! Thank you so much guys! I’ll try to reward you with the best MinKey fic I can possibly write!

Thanks again also to all the prompt givers. You gave me some amazing prompts, and I’m sad I can’t write them all, but I just don’t have the time (and that’s why I made it a competition in the first place). If you now want to give your prompts to other people you’re of course free to do so. Many of them deserved a lot more votes and I’d love to see them all in writing by other MinKey writers!

My own two prompts might happen anyway, we’ll see, since I saw there was some interest for them. But that will be a much, much later story.

I’m also claiming the Steampunk!AU prompt for myself, because I plan to merge that with the winning prompt to make it even more fun for me to write (and the prompt didn’t specify a time and setting, so I’m taking my liberty as a writer here). And that is all I will say for now.

Please look forward to the finished fic!

Tags: author: neezoy, fandom: shinee, pairing: minho/key, type: poll
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