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Attention! All parts containing R and NC-17 rated scenes have now been member-locked (the parts are marked with an * in the list below). That means you need to have an LJ account and join this comm to read them. The rest will stay open, just like before. Sorry for the inconvenience!


A Weird Morning {(SHINee | Minho/Key | BodySwitch/Band!Fic | PG-13)}
Minho and Key wakes up the morning after their first time together in different bodies. That is to say, each-others bodies!

Just My Luck
{(SHINee | Minho/Key | Domestic!AU | PG)}
A drabble set in the Five Days to Fall 'verse. A look on Minho and Key's first meeting out of Key's perspective.

On the Mend
{(SHINee | Minho/Key | Age Gap/Steampunk!AU | R)}
A drabble set in the Find Me Beneath the Stars 'verse, just after the events at Angels Fall, dealing with Minho's recovery.

The House on the Hill {(SHINee | Minho/Key | Age Gap/Steampunk!AU | PG)}
Another drabble set in the Find Me Beneath the Stars 'verse, set a few years into the future after the events of the main story.

What Really Should Have Happened {(Super Junior | Siwon/Sungmin | Band!Fic | PG-13)}
This is what really should have happened when Sungmin apologized for being fat on national radio.


* {(SHINee | Minho/Key | Band!Fic | NC-17)}
Key can't sleep. He can't sleep and it's all Minho's fault.

The Best Laid Plans {(SHINee | Minho/Key | AU | PG)}
Minho has planned how to pop the question to Kibum for months, but when it finally happens it doesn't go at all as planned. (A oneshot set in the same 'verse as Five Days to Fall.)

Midnight Surprise Visit* {(SHINee | Minho/Key | Band!Fic | NC-17)}
A collaboration I did with koukaiaru and fonulyn. Minho wakes up in the middle of the night with a drunk Kibum looming over him. What to do?

multi chaptered:

The Guardian Chronicles {(SHINee | Minho/Key | Fantasy!AU | NC-17)}
Key, Minho, Jonghyun and Jinki are all elementalist adepts, each training under a different master at the Temple of the Four. Having been thrown together from different backgrounds from a very young age they have learned to get along. All except for Kibum the noble and Minho the farmboy...

The Beginning Snippets**: Jinki | Kibum | Jonghyun | Minho Pt1 | Minho Pt2

Part One*
| Part Two* | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five* | Part Six* | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine* | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen* | Part Fifteen | Part Sixteen* | Part Seventeen* | Part Eighteen | Part Nineteen* | Part Twenty | Part Twenty-One | Part Twenty-Two | Part Twenty-Three | Part Twenty-Four | Part Twenty-Five (COMPLETE)

**Recommended that you read these first.

Find Me Beneath the Stars {(SHINee | Minho/Key | Age Gap/Steampunk!AU | NC-17)}
Minho and Key are both orphans, growing up in the same flea-ridden orphanage, high above the sprawling city streets. Even though six years separate them they have come to form a strange alliance: Every night they sneak outside to watch the airships go by in the skies, dreaming of their escape. Though now, for the first time, as Minho is turning legal, age threatens to separate them.
Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten* | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Epilogue

Five Days To Fall {(SHINee | Minho/Key | Domestic!AU | NC-17)}
Being a single dad isn’t always easy, especially not on days like today, when the very universe seems to work against Minho. Already late for a meeting he bumps into Kibum on the street and the young sassy art student follows him home, much to Minho’s annoyance. It will be the start of an eventful few days when life as they both know it, will be rewritten.
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five* (COMPLETE)

Learning To Let Go {(SHINee | Minho/Key | AU | NC-17)}
Still mourning the loss of his muse, photographer Minho is persuaded by his friend Jonghyun to tag along to the local Cabaret in the infamous Red Lights district. The moment the young dancer steps on stage Minho is mesmerised, determined to take his picture. But is he just trading one obsession for another? And can love really be found with someone who's willing to do anything to get famous, including selling their body?
Part One | Part Two* | Part Three* | Part Four (COMPLETE)

With Teeth {(SHINee | Minho/Key | Vampire!AU | R)}
Minho is dying. But from the shadows watches a creature that will change his future forever.
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven* | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen (COMPLETE)

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