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MinKey Fic Poll

Guise. So I was thinking… After With Teeth I’m planning on going on a fic-posting hiatus for a while. (Fear not, I will return, but it might take some time - I’ve got other stuff I need to do and write for a forseeable future.) But when I return I want to return with something awesome, something that you were all a part in creating. So I thought about arranging a small contest:

I don’t usually take requests, but I thought I’d make an exception this time. This is now your chance to send me prompts on MinKey fics you’d want me to write. Give me a basic setting, plot and theme - tell me if you want it to be angst or fluff or pwp; a mix or something else (I’ll throw in some suggestions myself too) - and then when I have enough I’ll arrange a poll where you can vote on which fic you’d want me to write the most. And then I’ll write a fic based on the winning prompt in any moment I can spare - it might take a long time, but when I return it will be with this, YOUR fic.

So what do you guys say? Is this something you’d want to be part of? If so start sending me those fic prompts now! (Either in an ask on my tumblr, in a reply to this post, or a private message to my LJ user.)


EDIT: After getting some prompts already I feel some specifications are in order.

  • I’ll try to write a longer fic if possible, at least 10 000 words to soothe your MinKey cravings, but I won’t write something of novel-length or a longer series like WT or TGC (unless I get really into it).

  • MinKey has to be the main pairing (duh). I can write side pairings (or Key and/or Minho as part of an ex-pairing) if the plot specifically requires it, but I will not write 2min, TaeKey or JongKey (sorry!).

  • I only feel confident writing SHINee and Super Junior (and some f(x)) members, so I won’t do crossovers with any other bands.

  • I can do angst if you really want me to, but I will not write rape or abuse.

As for how detailed your prompt needs to be: One sentence about the setting/type of AU, one or two about the theme/plot, and one or two about the character dynamics is enough :) That's detailed enough to get my creative juices flowing, but not too detailed to hamper them :)

Update: I'll accept prompts all through May. If I get many (more than 10) I might split the poll in two parts and have the winner of each do battle in a third. If you send me more than one prompt I reserve the right to choose the one that intrigues me the most and enter only that into the poll.

I look forward to seeing your prompts! Prompt away!
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