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Welcome to blotches_pages  (ink blotches on the pages of life) which is the shared writing journal of elirian_19  and neezoy.
About Us

We're both pretty obsessed with the kpop fandom. Our groups of choice are, as is quite obvious if you've gone through our stuff, Super Junior and SHINee. elirian_19 's biases for SJ are Sungmin and Donghae, and Onew for SHINee. Her SJ OTPs (she has two because she's awesome like that) are SiMin and KangMin, and her SHINee OTP is OnHo. neezoy 's bias in the SHINee fandom is the Almighty Diva Key and her SJ bias is fuck knows because she can never make up her mind. Damn them. Her SHINee OTP is MinKey and her SJ OTP is HanChul.
Our Hobbies

Writing. Spazzing over attractive Korean men. Flailing. Some more writing.
Our Dislikes

Fan or OTP wars.
Additional Info

Layout is courtesy of: blame @ mintyapple . Profile is courtesy of kingdra.

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